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Longboarding styles - choosing a longboard right for you.

Different Longboarding Styles

Longboarding is one of the most interesting sports; it involves a lot of imagination. The tactics and skills you show on your longboard is limited to the use of your imagination and some physics. 

There are many various ways of riding a longboard. You need to understand what you want to do with your board and pick the right one according to your activity level. Sometimes you will be amazed to find that you need two or more board to optimize your long board, but first let’s figure out what exactly is your main style.

Many different styles can be merged into each other and most of the people enjoy multiplying their styles. So of the disconnection is kind of unreal, nonetheless, every style has its own characteristics and that’s how it can be differentiated from each other. You will find dissimilar names and combinations for this sport as it is still in flux, so here we have the most common styles and their conventional names across the industry.

There are four main general styles of riding, which are as following:

  • Downhill
  • Freestyle
  • Cruising
  • Dancing



Downhill long boarding is all about speed, by speed I mean you have to bomb the hills as fast as you can while maintaining your balance and control. Your position has to be tucked or crouching on your board for increased stability and reduce in wind-resistance. Like in free riding it’s not rare to break the wheels of your board for controlling speed, so it’s a fact that downhill style isn’t best suitable for new riders.


Freestyle means you need to be creative; you can do anything you want with your ride. However, freestyle riding includes a lot of technical skills like board tricks, goofy riding, dancing, sliding and regular tricks, these were just a few I named, you can add a lot of variety to it. 

This way of learning is an excellent way for the beginners to learn how to maintain their balance and board controlling skills. This style is for all it can be enjoyed by the beginners as well as the expert long boarders.


Cruising is the initial activity for most of the longboarders. In this style you cruise around the town, park, campus or your neighborhood wherever you get a flat hard surface. Whether you are going from point A to B or point B to C, or just longboarding around as an alternative method of transportation it’s all cruising, and a fun activity. Activists like board-walking or dancing or a relaxed ride is all a part of cruising and this is ideal for beginner riders.


Dancing on a longboard is a term given by Adam Stokowski and Adam Colton, the two most passionate longboarders who combined the characteristics of surfing’s, freestyle skateboarding, dance and whatever they found into new creative longboarding style. These tricks are not normal like the ones in regular long boarding, where the rider makes a technical flip on his board – but this one is all about style and incorporating all the tricks into long board riding.

Every style of longboarding is fun, so try it and see which one fits your style best and most importantly which one you really enjoy doing. Have fun and stay safe!



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